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Here at Misty Mountain Lodge we offer the following facilities at affordable prices.Be sure to come check us out



Mist mountain lodge takes hospitality back to its essence by offering world class deluxe rooms and suits which meet the comfort of a home away from home.



The lodge has a ranch where cattle, goats, horses and pigs are bred and raised. Our ranching system allows us to rear our own meat and guests can enjoy the salivating delicacies made with them.



Our main bar, gazebo, and terrace bar offers a variety of both local and international beers, wines, cocktails, fruit punches and refreshing smoothies.



The lodge has a well planned program for guests to be transported to various wildlife reserves around the country.



Exquisite meals are accomplished by world wide hospitality and entertainment to ensure your stay is lush and memorable.



The resort has an organic orchard where we rear tropical fruits such as passion fruits,pawpaw,strawberries, tree tomato,oranges, mangoes, thorn melon and yellow passion


During your stay, we welcome you to engage in our range of activities available daily at no extra cost. Please contact the reception to arrange on your preferred activity


Misty mountain is located on Mt. Kenya leeward sloppy side thus has a rough grassy country terrain ideal for jogging and walking. Take part in nature walks on soft well marked trails in the cool morning and evening air.


More than 20 mountain bikes have been provided which have been serviced , are safe and ready to use. Bicycles are ready to use for all customers. A well laid out cycling trail has been marked with arrows into the woods and back.


Kenya is one of the richest avifauna in Africa with over 1132 bird species. Narumoro is a savanna grassland area which offers a great environment for birds. Misty mountain offers a local guide to show you different bird species in the lodge environ


A short educative and informative tour has been offered to identify the diverse floral and herbal plants as well as different tree species both natural and planted


Our guided horse ring is suitable for all abilities. You will receive instruction on how to control and manage your horse. Our friendly and experienced horse riding guides will accompany you on your rides.


Narumoro is a savanna grassland situated on the lee ward side of Mt. Kenya. The ecosystem characterized by long patches of grass and spaced out trees ideal for setting camp. The hotel will provide tents for camping lovers and a good camp fire


The lodge is surrounded by many wildlife reserves and has some game of its own like Ostriches. Be part of nature and participate in our daily early game drives through the Mount Kenya National park, Aberdares national park as well as other game reserves. Fights can be scheduled through Nanyuki Airstrip to Maasai mara and the Serengeti where you will experience the worldly anticipated Wild-beast migration.


The lodge has a manmade dam with many types and sizes of fish. You can enjoy an exciting as well as relaxing day of fishing in the dam. Call the reception to arrange for a guide and fishing gear.


This entails rowing a boat though the Misty mountain dam located inside the lodge .boat riding can be done as a sport or as leisure.


Misty mountain has is located in a large piece of land divided in many sectors. This sectors include the vegetable farm, Orchid, tree and herbs nursery, dam, the animal farm, stables, cow shed and Ostrich farm. This will give you a first hand experience on farm life All this are within the hotel premises. .

Mountain climbing and hiking

Mt. Kenya is a volcanic mountain and can be seen through your room window. The terrain surrounding the mountain is grassy and rocky ideal for hikers and mountain climbing training. .Mountain climbing lessons can be arranged by misty mountain where you will be trained to climb Mt. Kenya

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